File 9: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Jens doesn't eat meat because he's a vegetarian.
  2. "Would you like a dessert." " ."
  3. California is bigger New York.
  4. "How coffee do you drink?" "Three cups a day."
  5. Apples, pineapples, and are all fruits.
  6. How many people are there in this city? About .
  7. Here's the shopping list. We need vegetables for the soup.
  8. Do you want some ice ?
  9. Khalud went to the store to buy .
  10. " calories are there in a donut?" "About 260."
  11. There's a lot of salt in some potato chips, so read the carefully.
  12. "Is Arabic to learn than Mandarin Chinese?" "It depends."
  13. Some people cook food in butter, and some prefer to use olive .
  14. "Good evening. Do you have a ?" "Yes, a table for six. My name's Park."
  15. There's orange in the refrigerator, but no orange juice.
  16. About people work at Disneyworld Florida in the summer.
  17. There are some on the plate over there.
  18. "What's than gold?" "Platinum."
  19. Gisele eats chocolate every day, but she's still really thin.
  20. Doctors say is the most important meal of the day.
  21. Can you buy a of jam when you go to the supermarket?
  22. The Eiffel Tower is than the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  23. Onions are a very popular .
  24. There's a can of in the cupboard that we can have for lunch.
  25. "How much junk food do you eat?" " . I only eat health food."
  26. countries are members of the United Nations.
  27. It's polite to give flowers or a of chocolates as a gift to your host.
  28. I'm not very hungry this morning. I only want egg for breakfast.
  29. The weather is today than yesterday.
  30. "How many cookies do you eat?" " ."