File 10: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Mont Blanc is mountain in Europe.
  2. Alexei to go home to Russia in July.
  3. A lot of my friends want to famous, but I just want to be happy!
  4. You can some very nice meals in Chicago, but it's often expensive.
  5. We're looking for the police . Is it near here?
  6. "Which planet is away from the sun?" "Neptune."
  7. I don't feel very well. in bed this morning.
  8. Marcus doesn't know about the party. He's going to a big surprise.
  9. I think to rain tonight.
  10. Many families in a hotel on vacation because it's expensive.
  11. The Colosseum is probably tourist attraction in Rome.
  12. The George Washington goes over the Hudson River.
  13. Inga come with us tomorrow.
  14. Maria wants to in love!
  15. What to do in the summer?
  16. "What's thing you did in Hawaii?" "We visited a volcano."
  17. Ollie and Ida have two children now, so they want to to a bigger house.
  18. Shopping are always busy on Saturday.
  19. The train's at 10:00 and it's 9:50 now. late!
  20. "I'm going to with a friend in Istanbul."
  21. My grandmother makes chicken soup in the world.
  22. Let's go to the tomorrow. I've got tickets for a play at the Globe.
  23. Rita very lucky. She won lots of money at the casino in Las Vegas.
  24. I don't like horror movies. I'm sure this movie.
  25. It was day of my life!
  26. Traveling is a good way to new people.
  27. Johanna is a nurse. She works in a .
  28. I can you around Shanghai. I know the city well.
  29. "Is Bill going to watch the tennis game with us?" "No, . He hates tennis."
  30. I'd like to a job at Microsoft, but it isn't easy because I don't have much experience.