File 11: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Listen to this CD. Salvatore Accardo plays the violin .
  2. I hate late when I meet a friend.
  3. It's quicker and cheaper to book plane tickets on .
  4. "Please read the instructions before using your new phone."
  5. I can't log to this website because I forgot my password.
  6. Children to read when they are about four.
  7. Laura speaks English very .
  8. is a website for people who want a new job.
  9. You can travel around Vienna really .
  10. Eva isn't here. She's .
  11. "Do you know what the population of India is?" "No, but we can it."
  12. If you want to play the guitar well you need a lot.
  13. It's very to make spaghetti carbonara if you have a recipe.
  14. "Could you a taxi cab, please?" "Yes, of course. Where to?"
  15. expensive restaurant in the world is in Tokyo.
  16. Jenna bought a guidebook to Vietnam because to go there in April.
  17. I didn't buy these shoes in a store. I bought them .
  18. Of course, people dress very at Milan's famous Fashion Week.
  19. I'd like a new car – either a Honda or a Volkswagen.
  20. I to visit Japan next summer.
  21. to go to the movie theater tonight?
  22. People eat very nowadays. They eat a lot of fast food.
  23. What kind of ticket would you like; one-way or ?
  24. Facebook is one of the most popular social in the world.
  25. I like listening to .
  26. The team lost the game, but Rick and he scored a goal.
  27. Fran is always very tired .
  28. I don't have time to wash the car today, but I to wash it on Saturday.
  29. Our teacher is very good and we are learning .
  30. "What's that?" "It's ID card."