File 12: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Can you believe it? Yolanda any of the Star Wars movies!
  2. Mario isn't here. home because he was sick.
  3. Murakami is a famous writer who wrote Norwegian Wood .
  4. My sister doesn't mind housework, but I hate it.
  5. The Download Music Festival takes place every year June.
  6. Rob's a bit nervous about the karaoke night. He's never in public before.
  7. My brother loves Brazil. He there many times.
  8. Humans to Mars, only to the Moon.
  9. Peru twice and I'd love to go there again.
  10. Have you ever a Hollywood actor or a famous singer?
  11. I really like this breakfast cereal, but it has sugar.
  12. Ariel her driving test four times and she still hasn't passed!
  13. Oh, no! the train tickets – they're on the table at home.
  14. Michael Jackson his first number one song with the Jackson Five in 1969.
  15. Police have to a man about last night's bank robbery.
  16. James on Friday afternoons.
  17. What do you think of these shoes? Do you like ?
  18. seen the movie, but I haven't read the book.
  19. Nico has the chemistry homework, so let's ask if he can help us.
  20. spoken to Nina about the party?
  21. Have you ever your cell phone?
  22. The Harry Potter movie was my favorite. Which one do you prefer?
  23. Luis us paint the kitchen tomorrow.
  24. Have you of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen? He owns the Lego company.
  25. I last night because I was tired.
  26. real caviar? It's very expensive, but I love it.
  27. I've never these shoes before. They're very uncomfortable.
  28. a lot of Japanese tourists in the hotel.
  29. I a lot of money yesterday when I went shopping.
  30. "When to Nicola?" "Last night."