File 1: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. any friends in the US?
  2. Chris is always happy to talk to people he doesn’t know – he’s very .
  3. "Where ?" "At Aerojet. She’s an engineer."
  4. I’m hungry! something to eat.
  5. My brother Jack is a bit . He eats a lot of unhealthy snacks!
  6. I coffee in the morning, but never after 4:00 p.m.
  7. "What ?" "I’m a dentist."
  8. People often wear in the summer.
  9. "What TV programs do you ?" "Reality shows and sitcoms, usually."
  10. "What ?" "He’s tall with short dark hair."
  11. "What time work?" "At 5:00."
  12. " ?" "She's very friendly and generous."
  13. " to work yesterday?" "No, she stayed at home."
  14. Charlotte men with a sense of humor.
  15. "What kind of music ?" "He likes pop and rock."
  16. "When ?" "At about 2:30 this afternoon."
  17. That woman a beautiful blue bag.
  18. "It’s lunchtime. Where are Jack and Dan?" "They soccer in the park."
  19. "Can Tina any other languages?" "French and Spanish, I think."
  20. "This is room 201. I'm sorry to you again, but it's very hot in my room."
  21. "Where’s my watch?" "It’s on the table, the flowers."
  22. "What’s your brother like?" "He’s very . He makes me laugh."
  23. " your job?" "Yes, I love it."
  24. Ivan always in black. He looks like a very serious person.
  25. "Where’s Simone?" "Over there – she’s standing that painting."
  26. My father had long hair when he was young, but he’s now.
  27. " at Ben’s house last night?" "Yes, I was. We watched a movie."
  28. "Where ?" "In the US, but her parents are French."
  29. "Where ?" "Argentina."
  30. "Does Nicola drink a lot of coffee?" "Yes, ."