File 3: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. "Where do I go to board my flight?" "You want 12."
  2. "When next Saturday?" "After lunch, at about 1:30."
  3. A is the extra money you leave in a restaurant if you liked the food or service.
  4. Michael has invited us dinner on Friday. He’s a good cook!
  5. Hard-working is the of lazy .
  6. A model is a person travels to do photo shoots.
  7. Matt teach English in Ho Chi Minh next year. He’s really excited.
  8. Carla fell love with her husband the first time she met him.
  9. "Why coming to the party?" "She’s on vacation."
  10. Beautiful is to lovely .
  11. The Weather Channel says it be cold tomorrow, but warmer on the weekend.
  12. Speak your teacher. He’ll help you if you don’t understand your homework.
  13. is the place where you go when you first get to the airport to travel to another city.
  14. Guadalajara? That’s the city I lived when I was a child.
  15. My Canadian cousin at the airport this evening. She’ll be here for two weeks.
  16. look for a job when you finish college?
  17. A chef is a person makes delicious food.
  18. "What do after this meeting?" "Write a lot of emails."
  19. Scrabble is word game.
  20. I agree you – the beaches in Thailand are beautiful.
  21. "What’s your new boss like?" "I don’t know – her this afternoon."
  22. A ring is jewelery you wear on your hand.
  23. "Where is Martin’s flight arriving?" "Incheon, 5."
  24. "When to Rio de Janeiro?" "Tuesday, I think."
  25. Please be at the counter two hours before your flight.
  26. "Good evening. Are you ready to ?" "Yes please. I’ll have a burger and fries."
  27. A waiter is who serves you in a restaurant.
  28. Good news! It rain tomorrow. I can leave my umbrella at home.
  29. Don’t worry the check. I’m paying!
  30. A gastropub is you go in the UK to have good food and drink.