File 4: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Can you the table? Dinner is in 15 minutes.
  2. " shoes online?" "No, I buy shoes in stores where I can try them on."
  3. Dan his homework yet, so he can’t go out with his friends.
  4. has taken my passport and wallet. Help!
  5. I created an on Amazon yesterday, so today I bought some books.
  6. Dana isn’t in sports, but she loves shopping with her friends.
  7. "Have you ever taken something back to a store?" "Yes, I ."
  8. Please the laundry before you turn the TV on.
  9. "I’ve been to Las Vegas." "Really? When ?"
  10. I think I’ve a mistake. This jacket doesn't suit me. Where’s the receipt?
  11. When you shop online, you can’t the clothes on.
  12. This sweater doesn’t me. It’s too small.
  13. There’s to park in the center of town, so I usually take the bus.
  14. "Is Natasha here?" "No, sorry. ."
  15. I yoga every evening after work.
  16. " Carlo’s new girlfriend?" "Yes, she’s lovely."
  17. "Have you Mexican food?" "No, never."
  18. Excuse me, is there in the bathroom?
  19. That dress doesn’t you. It's the wrong color for you.
  20. It was a really match. It was a close game.
  21. "Have you seen that new horror film ?" "Yes, it was fantastic!"
  22. I’m hungry. Let’s have to eat at that cafe over there.
  23. I love listening to music in the evening. It's very .
  24. If you don’t have the , you can’t take the pants back to the store.
  25. What housework do I hate doing? I really don’t like the garbage.
  26. "I’m sorry, what did you say?" "I didn’t say !"
  27. "Would you like to have lunch with us?" "No thanks. ."
  28. to Brazil, but people say it’s a very interesting country.
  29. A is somebody who works in a shop or store.
  30. I was working or doing housework all weekend, but my friends went out and had a good time. My life is a little !