File 5: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I think that New Zealand is the most beautiful place the world.
  2. Vitamin D is important for strong .
  3. A is a historic monument.
  4. This elevator isn’t ! I’ve been here for five minutes and it hasn’t arrived yet.
  5. My children watch TV.
  6. It’s less dangerous to walk to ride a bicycle to work.
  7. Ann Arbor is a medium- town in Michigan.
  8. It was the most romantic place .
  9. Alaska is the coldest place .
  10. My aunt is in the hospital with a serious .
  11. Jon drives as his brother.
  12. I think Shanghai is the city in the world.
  13. Do you think people are driving than in the past?
  14. My mother doesn’t drive in the city because it’s stressful.
  15. She's the girl in her school.
  16. My city is very polluted. It’s much than it was 20 years ago.
  17. "Where’s the best place to go shopping here?" "Try the shopping near the train station."
  18. People get impatient when a website more than five seconds to open.
  19. My sister is cook in my family.
  20. I’m quite unhealthy. I eat too much fast food, and I don’t get .
  21. I’m stressed at work. I need a vacation somewhere quiet.
  22. My sister eats vegetables than me.
  23. I bought these sneakers here yesterday, but I'm they are too small.
  24. "What’s the thing you’ve ever bought?" "My motorcycle."
  25. Eating fruit and vegetables can help some illnesses.
  26. The town where I live is very . You can walk around at night without any problems.
  27. I at night. I’m tired every day.
  28. I’m impatient, but I’m not as impatient you.
  29. English grammar isn’t Russian grammar.
  30. There are cars on the road. The traffic is terrible.