File 6: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Last night, I dreamed I was really good dancing.
  2. "I don’t understand this text." " you."
  3. "Here’s $10." "Thanks! I’ll you back tomorrow."
  4. " anything exciting this evening?" "Nothing special."
  5. "Do you think you'll win tomorrow?" "No. We'll , I'm sure."
  6. That new restaurant next to the supermarket is fantastic. I’m sure like it.
  7. "Jack! My phone’s ringing, but I'm in the shower." "Don't worry, ."
  8. My son is afraid big dogs.
  9. I’ve borrowed your DVD. I’ll next week.
  10. Mozart his first symphony when he was eight years old.
  11. I’m sorry I’m late. I the train.
  12. "Good evening. Are you ready to order?" "Yes. the steak, please."
  13. Rome and Paris are full tourists during the summer.
  14. "Why doesn’t the door open?" " it, don’t pull!"
  15. "Are you sure he’ll remember his homework?" "Don’t worry, he ."
  16. Too much fat and salt in your diet is not good you.
  17. They me to speak English at school.
  18. It when the match started, but now the weather is really bad.
  19. "Oh, no! I’ve forgotten my bag, and my money is in my bag." "Don't worry I’ll you some."
  20. Although he’s very busy, Alan never on the weekend.
  21. " a good book at the moment?" "Yes. I've just started a thriller."
  22. I an interesting show about dreams on TV.
  23. "Will your friends be here for dinner?" "No, . Their flight arrives at 9:30."
  24. Many teenagers are interested pop music.
  25. "Please don’t tell anyone – it’s a secret." "I , I promise."
  26. "Zara’s very happy. She’s just all of her tests."
  27. "When married?" "Next month!"
  28. Can I you back in a minute? I’m driving.
  29. "What on the weekend?" "I spent the weekend sleeping!"
  30. "Do you think the weather will be good tomorrow?" "I !"