File 7: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I don’t mind the laundry, but I hate ironing!
  2. I’m not feeling very well and I have a .
  3. I’ve decided a new car, but I’m not sure which type to get.
  4. You have a visa to work in a foreign country.
  5. Hannah is looking forward to her new job next week.
  6. I tried to learn Chinese last year. It was difficult.
  7. Some people working until they are 70.
  8. It’s important a good first impression at a job interview.
  9. Harry is 89 years old, but every week he learns something new.
  10. You can’t go to New York without the Statue of Liberty.
  11. Dad, please try nice to Steve. I like him a lot.
  12. "What is your ?" "I have a stomachache."
  13. "How long do you spend TV every day?" "About two hours."
  14. dinner too late at night isn't a good idea.
  15. My office is very casual, so I wear a suit to work very often.
  16. Dan has to fix my car next weekend. He’s a very good mechanic!
  17. "What did you think of that new film?" "It was a little , to be honest."
  18. For reasons of security, you tell anyone your online password.
  19. Try up the baby. He needs to sleep.
  20. I don’t feel like the garbage this evening. I’ll do it tomorrow.
  21. I’ll tell you a secret, but you must promise anyone.
  22. I cooking, but I hate doing the dishes.
  23. "I’m not sure what Janet for her birthday." "Well, she loves chocolate."
  24. You bring your phone into the library – you can’t bring anything that makes a noise.
  25. "Are you allergic any food?" "No, I’m not."
  26. We went for a walk after lunch yesterday, but unfortunately it to rain.
  27. "Mom, eat all of these carrots?" "Yes, they’re good for you."
  28. Patrick is worried about his tests, because he hasn’t studied much this year.
  29. Carlos and Tina dancing the tango. They dance beautifully together.
  30. Do you know how this phone? It’s new and a little complicated.