File 8: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Angela spends all her time in the office. She work so hard.
  2. Walking or riding a bicycle to work is a good way to in shape.
  3. "I broke the bathroom mirror this morning," he said .
  4. Basketball players can incredible salaries. Some players make millions of dollars every year.
  5. If you press "play," the audio.
  6. That E-reader isn’t , so please be careful with it.
  7. A pessimist is someone who always the worst.
  8. She looks like .
  9. "Whose glove is that on the floor?" "It’s , thanks."
  10. What time do you usually ?
  11. you if I’m in Tokyo next week. We can meet up.
  12. You look very tired. You go to bed right now.
  13. " iPad is this on the table?" "It’s John’s."
  14. "If you don’t study hard, you won’t get into college," said Richard’s father .
  15. I’m sorry I’m late! I my bus.
  16. When you buy something online, you usually an email to confirm it.
  17. "It's a real problem. What ?"
  18. If I you at the party this evening, we can meet for coffee tomorrow.
  19. "Is this your iPhone?" "No, it’s ."
  20. Tanya doesn’t with her sister. They are completely different.
  21. Let’s a movie tonight. Something exciting, like a horror movie.
  22. Is that car? It’s fantastic!
  23. The party much fun if Marco and Luisa don’t come.
  24. I drive so fast. This road is very dangerous.
  25. Giacomo his father. They have the same eyes and nose.
  26. Where did you your husband for the first time?
  27. If you very hungry, we can eat after the movie.
  28. Des lives far from his work, so he’s usually very tired when he .
  29. If we leave now we .
  30. That’s their table, and this is .