File 9: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. When I was a child we got milk from my grandfather's .
  2. Scared means .
  3. If more time, I’d learn how to paint.
  4. " has Andrea lived in Salvador?" "For about six years."
  5. If I saw a , I’d get out of the water incredibly quickly.
  6. Tina’s been a chef at the Hilton hotel 12 years. She loves her job.
  7. John Lennon the song Imagine in 1971.
  8. When it gets dark I often see flying near my house.
  9. "How many children ?" "Eleven!"
  10. "What say if you met your favorite singer?" "I don’t know – I’d probably be too shy to speak."
  11. Zambia has been an independent country 1964.
  12. If , I’d get a new laptop. Yours is too slow.
  13. "When India?" "In 2002. It was an amazing vacation."
  14. My grandfather when he was 65 and went to live in France.
  15. "How do I get to the train station?" "Turn left at the light."
  16. Ken a phobia of elevators since he was a child.
  17. "If you saw a big spider, be afraid?" "Of course not!"
  18. I’m going to Kenya on safari, and I’d like to see a .
  19. If we had a dog, we take it for long walks in the park.
  20. My sister is of flying. She always travels by train.
  21. People with are usually scared of small, closed spaces.
  22. I’ve been married to Daniel ten years.
  23. My brother when he was 17.
  24. Steve for the same company for ten years.
  25. "How long Dora?" "For about 10 years – we met at the gym."
  26. Trish to college last October and really enjoyed her first year.
  27. Luke for ten years but he got divorced last year.
  28. About three million Americans have : they’re afraid of open, public spaces.
  29. I a crocodile at the zoo yesterday. I was terrified.
  30. Natalie has had a dog she was 13 years old.