File 11: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. "I'm a student." " ."
  2. Could you your music? I’m trying to read.
  3. Gary and Tristan like surfing.
  4. If you want to go to the park, the bus when you get to Allen Street.
  5. "I love classical music." " ."
  6. You never wear those shoes. You should .
  7. The ball went our heads and into the garden next door.
  8. Children, your shoes and leave them at the door.
  9. Jack and John are identical twins, but their personalities aren’t .
  10. I’ve reserved a taxi for tomorrow. It will at 6:00 a.m.
  11. "I don’t like watching sports on TV." " !"
  12. Please come ! I didn’t mean what I said.
  13. Alison has decided to junk food and exercise more this year.
  14. Please be careful when you drive the tunnel.
  15. "I’ve never eaten goat meat." " ."
  16. Where’s your coat? before you leave the house because it’s cold outside.
  17. It’s a lovely day. Let’s go for a walk the lake.
  18. Ann came about 20 minutes ago, but I don’t know where she is now.
  19. I don’t like coffee, and does my brother.
  20. The supermarket isn’t far. Just walk this street for about five minutes, and it’s on your left.
  21. Can you your clothes, please? They’re on the floor and I want to clean the room.
  22. Lisa looks her mother. They have the same eyes and mouth.
  23. "I spoke to Tom last night." " ."
  24. My dog suddenly ran the road.
  25. Chloe has the same phone me, but mine is blue and hers is black.
  26. I’ve promised to my little sister this evening because my parents are going out.
  27. You have to run around the twice.
  28. Poor Katya. She drove of her garage this morning and hit the wall.
  29. "I can speak a little Portuguese." " ."
  30. "Have you found your phone?" "No I’m still ."