File 1: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Alex is in good shape because he a lot of sports.
  2. Why is Matt always late for school? What time ?
  3. I a sandwich for lunch.
  4. The stores open in my country.
  5. I can't talk right now. I dinner. I'll call you back.
  6. I'll meet you at the restaurant. where it is?
  7. She's to college.
  8. I tennis tonight after work. I hope it doesn't rain.
  9. Wait a minute. I you with your bags.
  10. I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's get .
  11. What do for your birthday next week?
  12. Sam doesn't have any brothers or sisters. He's an .
  13. Can you get some fruit when you go shopping? I'd really like some .
  14. My boyfriend loves seafood, so he usually orders if they're on the menu.
  15. I like my food cooked in the oven. I'll have the chicken.
  16. vegetables last in your cupboard for more than a year.
  17. We used to eat all the time, but nowadays it's too expensive.
  18. Maria wants to lose weight so she's trying to down on bread and desserts.
  19. I see my husband's parents a lot because I get along with my .
  20. My sister has three daughters, so I've got three .
  21. You have to be careful what you say to my aunt because she's very .
  22. My grandmother is a very person. She enjoys helping other people.
  23. Adriana's new boyfriend is very . I'm not surprised she likes him.
  24. My brother's having problems at school because he's very .
  25. A: They've canceled our flight. B: ! What are we going to do?
  26. I have something to tell you. , I can see that you're busy.
  27. A: I've bought a new car. B: What kind did you get?
  28. A: Can I read your paper, please? B: . I'm finished with it.
  29. A: What kinds of movies do you like? B: Dramas, documentaries, .
  30. A: Do you usually enjoy your job? B: . I'm looking for a new one.