File 2: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. bought anything online?
  2. I can pay you back now. I to the bank.
  3. We've known each other we were children.
  4. I can't afford to go out. I've all my money this month.
  5. I a new bank account last week.
  6. I that jacket before. Is it new?
  7. My family a lot when I was a child.
  8. A friend me some money for a ticket to the concert.
  9. The taxi driver us $65 to take us to the airport!
  10. My brother me $50 for the present we bought our mom for her birthday.
  11. We all paid our own meals because there were a lot of us.
  12. Min-ji spends all her money clothes.
  13. They're in debt because they've borrowed a lot of money the bank.
  14. We loved the house, but we'd need a big to buy it.
  15. Is there an ATM near here? I need to take some money .
  16. They each other since they were in school.
  17. has your sister been a lawyer?
  18. My parents have been married .
  19. Asami that phone since she was in college.
  20. You're late. I for a long time.
  21. My grandfather's car is really old. He it for about 30 years.
  22. Dave and Kate each other since high school.
  23. You don't know what's happening because you !
  24. My kitchen's . There's only room for one person at a time.
  25. They haven't cleaned the windows for weeks. They're !
  26. I'm I paid you back. I gave you the money last Friday!
  27. I'm ! There weren't any buses, so I had to walk home.
  28. Yen can't stand spiders. She's absolutely of them.
  29. I love going to that restaurant. The food is always very .
  30. It was absolutely yesterday. The temperature went up to 98ºF!