File 3: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Your car is older mine.
  2. We'll get there if we go by train.
  3. The traffic isn't as on Thursdays as it is on Fridays.
  4. You're more aggressive . I'm more relaxed when I'm driving.
  5. flight I've ever been on was when I went to Thailand.
  6. Who is cook in your family?
  7. We waited on the for half an hour before our train arrived.
  8. I got a parking because I left my car in a bus lane.
  9. There was on the freeway. They're building a new service station.
  10. How long you to get to work every morning?
  11. Call me when you land and I'll you up at the airport.
  12. Don't go over the speed . There are speed cameras on this road.
  13. We were late because we got stuck in a .
  14. When they go on long trips, bus drivers need to take a lot of breaks.
  15. My nephew is taxi driver. He often works nights.
  16. Turn right at traffic light and go straight.
  17. Some of the students go to school by bus.
  18. We found a parking space right outside restaurant we were going to.
  19. We arrived the bus stop just as the bus came around the corner.
  20. We might hire a van. It depends the price.
  21. I asked a window seat, but there weren't any left.
  22. Are you interested visiting the art gallery?
  23. That guy used to be married a friend of mine.
  24. My brother's really proud his new car.
  25. A: Men are better drivers than women, ? B: No, not really.
  26. A: , sports cars should be banned. B: I think you're right.
  27. A: I hear they're building a new airport. B: , it's a waste of money.
  28. A: what you said about selling our car? B: Yes, I did. We don't need it.
  29. A: Our taxi's here. Let's go. B: Oh, . Let me get my coat.
  30. A: New York is much noisier than London. B: that's right.