File 5: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. You look tired. to bed late last night?
  2. Ben's worried. His girlfriend yesterday.
  3. The sun when I woke up this morning.
  4. I saw you walking down Main Street last night. Where ?
  5. I was exhausted when I got home because I a busy day at work.
  6. The children were really excited because they to a theme park before.
  7. We couldn't play tennis because we hadn't booked a .
  8. The sent off two of our players in the match last night.
  9. Real Madrid Manchester United 3-2 in yesterday's soccer match.
  10. We haven't any goals in the last five games.
  11. The team arrived early so that the players had time to .
  12. You might if you wear the wrong shoes to go running.
  13. I a big breakfast so that I don't get hungry in the morning.
  14. Do you to work or do you drive?
  15. Mike didn't very good, but now he's our best player.
  16. I to go to the gym, but now I go every day.
  17. My son's basketball team their last match.
  18. He's an athlete, so he every day.
  19. My sister's been living with her for nearly five years.
  20. How many really friends do you have?
  21. I my boyfriend for the first time when I was on vacation in Thailand.
  22. We with most of our friends from home when we moved abroad.
  23. Ryan doesn't very well with his girlfriend's parents.
  24. My brother with his girlfriend because she's moving to another country.
  25. A: Do you mind if I join you? B: . Come and sit down.
  26. A: taking me to the station? B: No problem.
  27. A: Is it OK if we stay in tonight? B: . That's fine with me.
  28. A: I think I'll go to bed, . B: Oh. OK, goodnight then.
  29. A: Right. It's time for us to go. B: ! You've only just arrived.
  30. A: It's great to see you. B: Yeah, it's just like .