File 7: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I'll be in trouble if late for work again.
  2. If you go out, please to lock the front door.
  3. You won't pass your test you study for it.
  4. I'm sure better if you take a few days off.
  5. If you , you won't understand the explanation.
  6. As soon as she finds a job, out of her parents' house.
  7. Kirsten's parents live abroad, so she goes to a school.
  8. It is often easier for college to find jobs because they have better qualifications.
  9. My American cousin is in . She'll be 20 next month.
  10. Brad finishes high school this year. He's in the twelfth .
  11. Jim has been , so his parents will have to find a new school for him.
  12. Students who will fail the test automatically.
  13. If I you, I'd have wooden floors instead of a carpet.
  14. My parents on vacation more if they could afford it.
  15. If our backyard bigger, we'd have a swimming pool.
  16. They an apartment if they could afford to buy one.
  17. I'd go crazy if my mother-in-law with us.
  18. Our living room wouldn't be so dark if we so many trees in the garden.
  19. I live in a tiny . There are only 200 inhabitants.
  20. They live on the seventh , so they always use the elevator.
  21. The delivery man opened the , walked up the path and rang the bell.
  22. Be careful not to hit your head! The is very low!
  23. My room's really small, but it's very .
  24. The cottage we stayed in had a with an open fire.
  25. A: some pizza for dinner? B: OK. Why not?
  26. A: How about a barbecue in the garden? B: Yes, that's a great idea.
  27. A: I like going out. B: OK. Let's stay in then.
  28. A: I want to a word with you. B: Why? What have I done?
  29. A: Why can't you come? B: Because I'm to Paris for the weekend.
  30. A: I'm sorry. It again. B: OK. I'll cover for you this time.