File 8: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. The salesperson that they had sold out of the new phones.
  2. James said that he to his ex-girlfriend recently.
  3. The teacher said that she us our grades the next day.
  4. You said you going to concerts.
  5. The customer asked how much .
  6. When they saw us in the hallway, they asked us where .
  7. Charlotte asked me any money.
  8. I went to the to buy a dictionary before the course started.
  9. The sweater had a hole so I took it back and asked for a .
  10. These pants me. I need a bigger size.
  11. They weren't satisfied with their meal, so they made a .
  12. Mari couldn't between the red dress and the black one.
  13. Their first movie was a great , and now they're working on a sequel.
  14. Ricardo and Laura have had an so they aren't talking to each other.
  15. I just heard your grandmother died last week. I'm so sorry for your .
  16. My boyfriend isn't very good at , but he tries.
  17. away from home can teach you a lot about yourself.
  18. I hate to the supermarket on a Saturday morning.
  19. It's really important a list before you go shopping.
  20. They're going to Canada some relatives.
  21. The manager refused to give me a because I didn't have a receipt.
  22. I hate drive. It's so frustrating!
  23. Please remember some milk on the way home.
  24. My brother last week. He's now the supervising manager.
  25. Harry does a lot of so he often gets home late.
  26. The factory closed last week and they everyone.
  27. My sister works so that she can have the afternoons free.
  28. I'm of the marketing department in my company.
  29. The company received about two hundred for the position.
  30. Emily's a bit stressed at the moment because she has a lot of to do.