File 9: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. If at the gas station, we wouldn't have run out of gas.
  2. Ben on time if he hadn't been stuck in a traffic jam.
  3. I you chocolates if I'd known you were on a diet.
  4. If their best player hadn't been injured, they the match.
  5. I wouldn't have taken a taxi if I the last bus home.
  6. If you had taken your cell phone with you, you me.
  7. Breaking a mirror is supposed to bring you bad .
  8. One of our trees fell down last night. , it didn't hit the house.
  9. I'm not very pleased with my new bed. It's really .
  10. It was very of you to leave your wallet in the car.
  11. I get very when I have to wait in line in stores.
  12. Some of us cheated on the test. We were we didn't get caught.
  13. We don't need to go shopping. There's food in the cupboard.
  14. The train will be here in minutes, so we don't have to wait too long.
  15. There are eggs, so I can't make an omelette.
  16. This shirt isn't for me. I need a larger size.
  17. We try to avoid that road because there are traffic lights.
  18. My boyfriend doesn't do much exercise, but I do .
  19. I downloaded the report onto so that I could read it at home.
  20. She was wearing but everyone could still hear her music.
  21. There aren't any in the wall, so I can't plug in my phone charger.
  22. The TV was too loud, so I asked them to .
  23. We need to be at the airport at 08:00, so the alarm clock for 05:30.
  24. The heating was off when I got home, so the first thing I did was to .
  25. A: Do you know where ? B: No, sorry.
  26. A: I wonder if yet. B: I don't think so. It's too early.
  27. A: Can you tell me what ? B: Of course.
  28. A: ! You're hurting me. B: Sorry. I didn't mean to.
  29. A: I took you out for dinner? B: That sounds nice.
  30. Manny didn't call me on my birthday, and he didn't send me a card, .