File 10: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Anita's the woman husband is a pilot.
  2. That's the restaurant we went for my 18th birthday.
  3. Soon-hwan is the man the company's accounts.
  4. That's the man in your garden.
  5. The Thames, through London, isn't the longest river in the UK.
  6. My uncle Diego, is still very active, was 95 years old last month.
  7. We're going on vacation to Montauk, my parents have a summer home.
  8. After the concert we went to a party, was held in honor of the pianist.
  9. I check my bank once a week to make sure I have enough money.
  10. I was going too fast and got caught by the camera.
  11. They can't play soccer at school because there isn't a soccer .
  12. There's a meeting in the town tomorrow about the new shopping mall.
  13. One of the guitarists designed all of their album .
  14. I've already printed my pass, so I don't have to go to the check-in desk.
  15. What do you think of my new picture?
  16. You can drive now, ?
  17. I'm older than you, ?
  18. Your brother works in the mall, ?
  19. Your parents won't be at home, ?
  20. Your best friend lives near you, ?
  21. We haven't forgotten anything, ?
  22. It isn't going to rain tomorrow, ?
  23. A person who is hurt, injured, or killed as a result of a crime is a .
  24. The are investigating a crime that was committed in the city last night.
  25. The main is the woman's neighbor, who had blood on his clothes.
  26. There has been a reduction in the number of in the past year.
  27. The police are calling for who saw the woman last night.
  28. They don't have enough evidence to that the man is guilty.
  29. The identity of the murderer is a . Nobody knows who it could be.
  30. The police have found new evidence that they think will help them the crime.