File 3: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. She was exhausted when she reached the finish line. She for four hours.
  2. I found this old photo while I my desk drawer.
  3. Jake ran to the station, his uniform, and leapt into the fire engine.
  4. A: Did you help with doing the dishes? B: No. I offered but Jane it.
  5. I couldn't come out with you last night because I for my test.
  6. When I looked at my watch, I realized for over an hour.
  7. He was so late that our dinner by the time he got home.
  8. She the car pulling out of the side road and drove straight into it.
  9. A: that movie before? B: Yes, but I didn't mind seeing it again.
  10. The children are tired because they went .
  11. He has told everyone that I'm his girlfriend, but I .
  12. They criticized for selling their story to the newspapers.
  13. If I were you, I'd buy her chocolates - she doesn't .
  14. I had that I was worried they would make me pay an extra fee.
  15. We often go back to that restaurant because they serve .
  16. He laughed that everyone turned around and looked at him.
  17. We had a terrible - it took seven hours because the flight was delayed.
  18. Go and check the and see if our flight is boarding yet.
  19. I'm happy we on time because now we won't miss the connecting flight.
  20. They use specially trained dogs to check your luggage for .
  21. For a few days after we arrived, my husband suffered from but I was fine.
  22. We couldn't find the check-in desk because we were at the wrong .
  23. A: Where are we sitting? B: I don't know. You have the .
  24. I'll at Departures so you can check in while I park the car.
  25. The plane was delayed by six hours but we arrived in Rio.
  26. We used to go out a lot but I haven't seen her at all .
  27. A: I couldn't get a ticket. B: Me neither. they sold out in under an hour.
  28. He wants a job, in international law, as that's what he studied at college.
  29. A: Are you Spanish? B: No, I speak Spanish but I'm from Venezuela.
  30. After twelve hours on duty, I was so tired I could keep my eyes open!