File 4: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. You can have your book back on Monday. it by then.
  2. It sounds like John over as team captain next season.
  3. more than 50 assignments by the time you finish this course.
  4. A : Could you give this to Rebecca? B : No problem. her later today.
  5. It's my parents' wedding anniversary. In August married for 50 years.
  6. when he finds out tomorrow that he's lost his job.
  7. A : When is Jo expecting her baby? B : A month ago, so it by now.
  8. If you try to ask her about it, she the same thing.
  9. I'll send you an email there is internet access at the hotel.
  10. It's far too heavy. You lift it, unless I help you.
  11. If he you he went to school with Prince Harry, he's lying.
  12. I'll try and see you later if enough time.
  13. There is bad reception there so I won't call you unless there a problem.
  14. I'm going to try to get his autograph before he .
  15. Don't forget to take a form of ID they want to check your age.
  16. A : I'm very worried. B : Look, if she by 9 o'clock, I'll go out and look for her.
  17. We're going to have a next week. I hope the air-conditioning is working.
  18. You'll need a raincoat. It's not raining hard but it is .
  19. Many homes were swept away in the .
  20. The night-time temperatures were but in the day I never felt cold.
  21. People often wear masks in my city to protect themselves from the .
  22. We can't go sailing today because it isn't enough.
  23. When I was young there was a huge and our town was cut off by snow.
  24. As we got further up the mountain, the became thicker and we couldn't see.
  25. This isn't a light shower. Look, it's absolutely .
  26. This week the weather will be changeable but by Friday it will be .
  27. Due to the rain, the match was cancelled.
  28. She goes to work while her mother the children.
  29. the fact that he joined the class recently, his progress is good.
  30. A : I'm considering a new hobby. B : What are you going to do?