File 5: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. If I didn't already know you were brother and sister, I guessed.
  2. You so happy about it if you had to pay for it.
  3. I touch that if I were you. It's filthy.
  4. If you found a wallet with a lot of money in it, keep it?
  5. If I to New York, I'd never have met Marianna.
  6. If she had looked more carefully, she us sitting in the corner.
  7. It's my fault. I injured if I'd been wearing a helmet.
  8. You do your homework today if you'd finished it yesterday.
  9. If I only about myself, I wouldn't have spent time helping you, would I?
  10. I wish people chewing gum on the pavement.
  11. I wish Jenny talking about the weather.
  12. I wish I a better swimmer!
  13. I'm sure John wishes he to look after his sister.
  14. I wish we to go to Egypt in August. It's going to be so hot!
  15. I bet Kay wishes to the wedding!
  16. I was really worried that I was going to fail so I'm that I passed.
  17. He was thrilled to see his name in the book, but a bit it was spelt wrong.
  18. Noah is after running a marathon for a charity over the weekend.
  19. I'm doing all the chores and I don't see why you can't help me.
  20. I didn't think Rob would be upset about losing his job but he was absolutely .
  21. When he got here, he was totally because he didn't speak English at all.
  22. I just can't believe we've won. I'm absolutely .
  23. Sue's with the nasty comments she's been getting since she dyed her hair.
  24. I loved that movie! The special effects were .
  25. We've been trying a new method and we are very with the results.
  26. Bella hates karaoke. She finds singing in front of other people very .
  27. I try to watch TV in English but I get if I can't understand everything.
  28. We enjoyed Disneyland but some of the rides were too for my little brother.
  29. There were so many children to look after that she found it very .
  30. You'll be to hear that you've been offered the job.