File 8: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. The burglar running away from the house.
  2. We believe the terrorist later today.
  3. You can't imagine until it's happened to you.
  4. A: Here's your bag. B: What a relief! I thought it .
  5. He says he hopes for bringing people together.
  6. She traveling using a false passport.
  7. to receive a life sentence for their crimes.
  8. The situation is serious as the man armed with a knife.
  9. The children had to apologize to their neighbour his garage door.
  10. I'm sure she now regrets a college education.
  11. Rebecca still denies that offensive text message.
  12. I see why you suggested carry-on luggage. The check-in line is long.
  13. A police officer persuaded out of the window.
  14. Joe still blames her enough of an effort to get to know his parents.
  15. A: You look different. New haircut? B: No, my teeth whitened.
  16. I'm always getting locked out of my house, so yesterday I .
  17. A: Jon's looking for you again. B: I know, he sent me six texts. He's like a .
  18. Statistics show that last year 68% of crimes were by men in their twenties.
  19. The suspect was by the police for three hours before being released.
  20. Has the reached a verdict yet? Is he guilty or not guilty?
  21. The threatened to kill a passenger if the pilot did not follow their orders.
  22. There was enough for the jury to be sure he was guilty.
  23. She was convicted for attempting to a witness to give a false statement.
  24. The road was closed while police officers the cause of the accident.
  25. As I receive hundreds of letters a day about very personal problems.
  26. A: Do you prefer male or female ? B: It totally depends on their voice.
  27. One wrote a nasty review of my concert and made me really upset.
  28. Call for CEO after tax scandal.
  29. We never found out the whole story, because some information had been .
  30. If you want and truthful reporting, don't read that newspaper!