File 9: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. She passed the test she hadn't studied very hard.
  2. Max said he'd do his homework, he hasn't actually done it.
  3. I was in Beijing on Friday with an IT company.
  4. Sharon raced home from work miss her favorite TV show.
  5. He wouldn't go to bed, being very tired.
  6. My cousin is much older than me you wouldn't think so if you saw us together.
  7. Some people write a list of things to do forget anything important.
  8. That was a terrible meeting. I tried to say something, Mel interrupted me.
  9. Please come in and sit you want.
  10. tired she gets, she never misses a training session.
  11. A: Did she give you ? B: Oh yes, she was really helpful.
  12. They want to join the expedition but they don't have .
  13. We always go to Bangkok on vacation because of the beautiful .
  14. Jason has gone to business school to study .
  15. The entire on a team-building adventure course in the mountains.
  16. Our accommodation up to the standard we were expecting.
  17. The company had financial problems and they have just .
  18. Our department is currently into more eco-friendly processes.
  19. I work in the local of a large retail chain.
  20. A: Does he want to make a complaint? B: Yes, he's asked to see the .
  21. My job is to make sure our are happy and satisfied with our service.
  22. This is probably the most famous hotel but there are actually over 40 in the .
  23. We don't manufacture the computer components. They are all from China.
  24. I love living in such a area.
  25. The focus for her research is the Renaissance period in Italy.
  26. She never goes to parties or wants to meet new people. I think she's very .
  27. London has one of the oldest systems in the world.
  28. The movie has two main themes: prejudice and .
  29. Some people say the problem is due to and laziness.
  30. It was not my to upset him, so I apologize.