File 10: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. A: Good morning. Did you sleep well? B: No, I was awake night.
  2. We still haven't had replies from people we invited.
  3. She has offered to pay for .
  4. Mark and Jessica go salsa dancing Monday night.
  5. My daughter doesn't like many vegetables but she'll eat fruit.
  6. They get up early morning.
  7. Both my brother I went to Tufts University.
  8. She gave me two answers but neither was correct.
  9. We can go on the cheap early morning flight or we pay more to fly later.
  10. Both love Chinese food.
  11. Nowadays fewer people use landlines.
  12. A: Where did you park? B: In the parking lot behind theater.
  13. She complained about the nurses in hospital where her mother had her treatment.
  14. In the US, children don't go to school on Sundays.
  15. He was convicted of fraud and sent to prison for three years.
  16. They have just come back from a skiing trip in Swiss Alps.
  17. We are going to an outdoor concert in Central Park tonight.
  18. He has just graduated with a degree in sciences.
  19. By studying we know some conditions are passed from parent to child.
  20. We believe this significant discovery will have an impact on public health.
  21. Our team of scientists hasn't done much in this particular area.
  22. We cannot prescribe this new drug yet as the are still unknown.
  23. I'd give you a color map but our machine can only print in .
  24. We found a really nice not too far from the beach.
  25. Excuse me. Could we have another please?
  26. she will have to make a decision about it.
  27. A: What did you buy? B: !
  28. Like any couple, they've had their but I wouldn't say they're unhappy.
  29. The plot is difficult to follow because it jumps in time.
  30. Extra police officers have been brought in to help keep .