File 2: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. “My uncle and I don’t see eye to eye” is an example of .
  2. “Liliana, you’re a pretty little butterfly in your yellow dress!” is an example of .
  3. Expressions like get up and go on are examples of .
  4. say that Latin is a dead language. Do you agree?
  5. One must bed when suffering from the flu.
  6. My sister and her sister-in-law don’t like .
  7. Two words with similar meanings are .
  8. You may need to adjust your , depending on whether you are in a formal or informal situation.
  9. Choose the metaphor:
  10. Did you and your wife really teach Farsi?
  11. used to be a language school in this building. I guess it closed.
  12. When a person visits a foreign country, should at least learn a few words of the language.
  13. Choose the idiom:
  14. Choose the colloquial expression.
  15. We need to try to understand better if we want to live in peace.
  16. Shauna didn’t blond hair. Did she have it done recently?
  17. When my brother was born, our family in Mexico.
  18. There a library at the end of our street, but now it’s a used car dealership.
  19. What suffix would you add to make an abstract noun? friend___
  20. What suffix would you add to make an abstract noun? parent___
  21. What suffix would you add to make an abstract noun? star___
  22. When I was a child, I always go for long walks alone in the rain.
  23. We live in a tiny apartment, but now we have an enormous house.
  24. When we arrived at grandmother’s on Sunday, she something in the oven.
  25. A 1000-piece puzzle is an excellent remedy for anyone’s on a rainy day.
  26. Jake’s of broccoli knows no limits.
  27. You were out until 4 a.m. dancing last night? Well, no you’re tired!
  28. Our neighbors chickens and a goat in their backyard, but some neighborhood residents complained and they had to get rid of them.
  29. All of Ahmed’s studying and hard work has paid off. He now has a job as a nurse at a famous hospital.
  30. I heard a strange noise, so I turned around and saw that a bear toward me!