File 3: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Is it possible to get in this world through honest hard work?
  2. We really need to get this smelly old sofa.
  3. After her brother dropped her phone in the toilet, Ariane by stealing his iPod.
  4. I sense there is a attraction between Robert and Rebekka. I predict they’ll start dating before long.
  5. What is the meaning of get in this context? Wilson finally got Erin to help design his website.
  6. WB File 3A Ex. 6; SB File 3A Ex. 6; GB 3A
  7. What is the meaning of get in this context? Where do you get your clothes dry cleaned?
  8. WB File 3A Ex. 6; SB File 3A Ex. 6; GB 3A
  9. What is the meaning of get in this context? We got to the theater just in time.
  10. WB File 3A Ex. 2, WB File 3A Ex. 5; SB File 3A Ex. 1, SB File 3A Ex. 5
  11. Alan pursued Jamila for many months, but every time he tried asking her out, she him.
  12. Wow, your roommate’s bedroom is a lot bigger than yours—and you both pay the same rent? I think you really got .
  13. She hardly ever answers the phone or responds to my texts. I’m starting to get that she’s not interested in talking to me.
  14. Jude’s high school girlfriend really broke his heart. I don’t think he’s really ever .
  15. Jamie, what’s wrong with you? You got fired from your job, your house is a mess, you’re not on speaking terms with half your family... You really need to !
  16. Liz pretended to be sick so she could going to dinner with Naila and her boyfriend.
  17. An employee got stealing money out of the register last night.
  18. Since moving from Trinidad to Canada, Keelon hasn’t been able to the cold.
  19. You should really take your daughter to see that movie. , I think it’s the kind of movie an adult and a child would enjoy.
  20. During the Arab Spring, the people of Tunisia and Egypt their dictators.
  21. The enemy troops were vastly outnumbered, and they were forced to .
  22. After weeks of fighting, both sides finally declared , which we hope will lead to a lasting peace.
  23. The building was empty when it blew up, so there weren’t many .
  24. In 410 A.D., the last of the Roman army from Britain and returned to Rome.
  25. The army the city aggressively, and many of its historical buildings and monuments were destroyed.
  26. That looks like a good movie. We should see it. , I went to the movies with Andrew last week. He told me to tell you “hello.”
  27. Apocalypse Now starring Marlon Brando is the best Vietnam War movie ever made. , have you ever seen Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront ?
  28. Could I get some more coffee please? Thanks. , I think that 12 Years a Slave is the best movie ever made about slavery.
  29. Sean never leaves the theater until the final credits .
  30. I’m a big fan of history, so I especially enjoy films, especially those that take place in Victorian England.
  31. I loved the movie Schindler’s List . , it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.
  32. Gandhi was a great movie. , I prefer historical movies to fantasy movies.
  33. That movie was terrible! , the acting was bad, the script was bad, and it was full of historical inaccuracies!