File 4: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. “B-b-but… I d-d-d-don’t have any m-m-m-money,” Philip, as the thief pressed the edge of the knife blade close to his throat.
  2. The old, heavy door as it slowly swung open.
  3. I was worried about being thirty minutes late again for the weekly meeting, but my boss did not even me as I slipped quietly into the conference room.
  4. I work every morning by ferry.
  5. Mrs. Ferguson furiously at the neighborhood children when she found them walking through her garden with their dogs.
  6. Thomas, please don’t your tea. It’s rude! Try to sip it more quietly.
  7. All of father’s tools in the back of the truck every time we hit a bump.
  8. If Peter and Christine were taking the three o'clock bus, they really here by now!
  9. It’s very quiet upstairs. The children .
  10. Julie’s keys, wallet, and books are there on the table, so she to class.
  11. Hey, where’s that pint of coffee ice cream I bought last week? My roommate !
  12. Check the second drawer from the top. The bottle opener there. That’s where we usually keep it.
  13. The weather report indicates that very cold tomorrow.
  14. There’s always a lot of traffic on the highway at this hour, so Jeannie is to be late for the party.
  15. Marcus does very well in school. He hard!
  16. My brother is a huge fan of action-thriller novels, because they’re so and exciting.
  17. I generally dislike the fantasy genre because I find the magical elements too .
  18. Romance novels can be , but they really don’t contain many complex or profound ideas. They’re best suited to casual reading on the beach or on a plane.
  19. I found Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s debut novel Purple Hibiscus to be moving. I was still thinking about it for weeks after I finished it.
  20. The 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird is a adaptation of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. The screenwriter and the director changed almost nothing from the book.
  21. I couldn’t finish the novel about the war. It was just too .
  22. The premise of the plot was interesting, but the narrative was so , I quickly lost interest and never finished the book.
  23. Mr. Perkins may have seemed like just a janitor at an elementary school, but he was actually really well-read, and he wrote some very beautiful poetry.
  24. I absolutely loved the book. Never before a novel that was so completely riveting from start to finish!
  25. My roommates both went downtown for the day after we finished cleaning the apartment. was I finally able to sit down and read my book in peace.
  26. had I sat down to read when my doorbell rang.
  27. you finish the book will you fully understand its message.
  28. The movie adaptation was very good, but only when the original book can you really understand what’s going on in the story.
  29. Not only quirky, entertaining stories, but she’s also a lot of fun in person.
  30. No sooner had I pulled out of the parking space a massive pickup truck rammed into the back end of my car.