File 5: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. OK, everyone, your time’s ! Please bring your quizzes up to me now.
  2. It time to bake a loaf of bread. You have to wait a couple of hours for the dough to rise.
  3. Now that she’s out of work, Melissa to exercise and do projects around the house.
  4. Todd wasn’t home much when his daughter was little. Now that he has a less stressful job, he’s by buying her gifts and taking her out every weekend.
  5. Anna has never heard of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” It was definitely .
  6. I need a vacation! I just can’t with all the stress at my workplace anymore.
  7. Tony was so in his video game, he didn’t even notice that I’d left his house and gone home.
  8. The four days before Julia’s wedding were a of activity for her and her family.
  9. Choose the passive construction to complete this sentence: Ellen is going to be promoted to vice president.
  10. Choose the passive construction to complete this sentence: There over ten million undocumented immigrants living in the US.
  11. The driver of the car have been texting when the accident occurred.
  12. Mark was really sick for a while, but he to be getting better now.
  13. Casablanca is to be one of the best Hollywood movies of all time.
  14. to experts, you should wash your pillows every one to three months.
  15. The person who attempted to rob the convenience store is to be armed and dangerous.
  16. After 30 years, my parents finally paid off the on their house.
  17. I paid for my living room set in twelve monthly of $89.99.
  18. We are already about $700 over the $10,000 we set for our home renovations.
  19. Matt is a student with only a part-time job, yet he buys all kinds of electronics and goes on big trips with his credit cards. He’s really .
  20. Which expression means in debt?
  21. Buying me these expensive gifts does not all the terrible things you said to me last week.
  22. Carole’s friends are all with envy over her brand new waterfront condo.
  23. I really wish I all my money on that trip to Brazil. Now I’m broke!
  24. If only I that there was a free shuttle bus from the airport, I could have saved all that money I spent on the cab fare!
  25. I wish I $500 to spare. I’d buy that TV without hesitation!
  26. If only that dog next door barking! I really need to get some sleep!
  27. I’d rather tonight.
  28. Is a credit card OK? Or would you rather in cash?
  29. It’s time you saving for retirement.
  30. If only you spoke Spanish, a much easier time traveling around Perú.