File 6: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. We had to make last- arrangements for a babysitter on New Year’s Eve because our usual babysitter got sick.
  2. Melanie’s children are very -behaved. She’s definitely doing something right!
  3. Of course my pie is completely . I never buy frozen pies or crusts at the supermarket.
  4. Mr. Higgins is a very -hearted man. He takes in dogs, cats, and even people who have no home.
  5. Nina is very . She’s always forgetting her wallet or losing her keys.
  6. I’m not picky about where we eat tonight. It’s up to you.
  7. Wow, Alison is an actress! I really enjoyed her performance in the play.
  8. This book is intriguing. It really keeps me about what’s going to happen next!
  9. I expect this adult education class me a lot.
  10. This self-help book encourages us in a journal every morning after we wake up.
  11. I would like with me to the lecture on gender relations tonight.
  12. Her withering comment made me ridiculous and worthless in front of everyone at the party.
  13. I really don’t mind the neighbor the guitar at night. I actually enjoy it.
  14. Tanja has been waiting all day .
  15. I would hate all the way here for nothing.
  16. I’m really fed up your “Candy Crush” addiction. Can you turn the game off for five minutes, please?
  17. The company Zynga is famous its highly addictive smart phone and online games.
  18. She’s really addicted text messaging. She does it all day.
  19. My cell phone reception is really bad inside my apartment building. I’m always getting in the middle of a conversation.
  20. Wow, that movie was really long, huh? I’m going to turn my phone on and see if I had any calls while we were in there.
  21. Hold on a minute, sir, and I’ll you through to a customer service representative.
  22. I really hope Evan treatment for his substance dependency.
  23. Nathan has been really since he lost his job. I’m just avoiding him for now.
  24. I don’t have cable TV at home. I know I all my time watching TV if I had it.
  25. If I GPS on my smartphone, I would never be able to find anything!
  26. I won’t go to the restaurant with you you promise to keep your phone off and put away. I’m sick of competing with it for your attention.
  27. Maybe you would have met more people at the event if you the whole time looking at your phone.
  28. Do you have an iPhone charger? I’ll start to get really anxious if my phone out of battery.
  29. Had I known this show was going to be canceled after one season, I watching it.
  30. It’s 3 a.m. and I’m wide awake. I know I’d be sound asleep right now if only I those two espressos after dinner.