File 8: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. We TV at the moment.
  2. Do you to work?
  3. The is nice today.
  4. I'm to work on Tuesday.
  5. today in Beijing.
  6. an email to Sofia?
  7. Are they in a tent?
  8. It's and hot.
  9. My brothers breakfast for my mom for Mother's Day.
  10. I usually for dinner on Sundays.
  11. Are you to the party?
  12. I can't talk right now. lunch.
  13. Isn't that fantastic? the bill for dinner.
  14. Are you your new boss today?
  15. She can't . She's too small.
  16. How today?
  17. that camera right now?
  18. It’s cold and today.
  19. Alison in the restaurant.
  20. I usually cold weather.
  21. The children outside.
  22. What this afternoon?
  23. She usually in the summer.
  24. It’s so today. I can’t wear my hat.
  25. She is at the swimming pool.
  26. " in Brazil?” “Yes, I do.”
  27. Caroline and Ariel this afternoon.
  28. Elissa a blue dress today.
  29. Where today?
  30. What ?