File 9: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Are there on the bed?
  2. Where's the hotel? It's of Clarke Street and Park Avenue.
  3. towels in here.
  4. She at school yesterday.
  5. a restaurant near here?
  6. The is near the restaurant.
  7. James and Ivan at the gym last night.
  8. Where is the ? I want to watch TV.
  9. Excuse me. gym in this hotel?
  10. Where's my ? I need my hat.
  11. I want to buy a keychain. Let's go to the .
  12. The swimming pool is the restaurant and the gym.
  13. The children are playing .
  14. bathtub. I only see a shower.
  15. The famous actor was the train yesterday afternoon.
  16. tables in the room?
  17. "Is there a swimming pool?" "No, ."
  18. He a singer before.
  19. The sleeping bag goes on the , not on the bed.
  20. Turn left and go ahead.
  21. Where you last night?
  22. Vincent Van Gogh an unhappy man.
  23. Hugh Jackman a waiter?
  24. I'm sorry. She's not here. She's work.
  25. he with you last night?
  26. They're not home right now. They're the airport.
  27. The spa is near the gym. and then go straight ahead.
  28. Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison Portuguese.
  29. Where they at 6 o'clock?
  30. This is fantastic! We're a boat.