File 11: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I visited a new hotel last week, but I didn't like .
  2. This sandwich is . The bread is old, and the meat is terrible.
  3. They usually , but today they took the bus.
  4. My sister likes him, but he doesn't like .
  5. We didn't give her a gift. We her money.
  6. Her children vegetables, but they like fruit.
  7. Mike , "This is a mistake!"
  8. Those are my sunglasses, but I never wear .
  9. "Hi, Sergio. Come to our barbecue tomorrow night!" "Sorry, ."
  10. The Beatles are great. I their music.
  11. Did you them I can't come to the party?
  12. You look ! What did you do to your hair? It's beautiful.
  13. I'm tired. We for five hours today.
  14. We moved to a new house. Can you come to our party?
  15. The doctor's office was really busy. I there for three hours.
  16. That movie is . The story and the music are OK.
  17. This book was . The story was interesting.
  18. I'm sorry I'm late. The train on time today.
  19. We can't hear . Can you please turn off the music?
  20. " to go to a concert tonight?" "Yes. I'd love to!"
  21. Did you that movie? It was fantastic!
  22. My sister thinks Justin Timberlake is awful, but I like .
  23. Can the babysitter before we go to bed?
  24. My family visited last week. We were so happy!
  25. What time do you in the morning?
  26. When it's raining, I usually .
  27. My husband gave a new car for my birthday!
  28. Can you please ? It's dark in here.
  29. Excuse me. Did you lose your keys? I think I them.
  30. I didn't an email.