File 12: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. It's Tuesday. What are you going to do ?
  2. How get home from school tomorrow?
  3. go now?
  4. My sister go on vacation this year.
  5. I never coffee. I prefer tea.
  6. It's exciting! I'm going to go to Paris !
  7. in a hotel or a tent on your vacation last month?
  8. My friend lost my keys! I'm on time for work.
  9. Greta one daughter and two sons.
  10. make dinner at home?
  11. We didn't go to the gym this morning. We're going to go .
  12. at the movies or the museum?
  13. Last year she went to Africa. This year she's Antarctica.
  14. I can and golf in the summer.
  15. I'm not going to take my umbrella . It isn't raining.
  16. They never before 10:00 a.m.
  17. "Are you really going to drive from New York to Los Angeles?" "Yes, ."
  18. He in an office. He's a policeman.
  19. This month is January. is February.
  20. What time do you usually ?
  21. Maya just called me. marry Sergio!
  22. to a new house this year. They're thinking about next year.
  23. Anita went to Portugal this year. She's not going to go to Peru until .
  24. Gerardo the car right now.
  25. What time is Palo the house?
  26. I an umbrella. I lost it.
  27. Where he yesterday? He didn't come to class.
  28. We usually housework on Saturdays.
  29. to the gym or shopping tonight?
  30. Max get up early tomorrow. He's going to sleep late.