Read the three emails below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct and some of them have a word which should not be there. If the line has a word that should not be there, click on that word. There are 10 words to find. Good luck!

1 I hear you have been having problems with the new system - I am
  sorry about this. I have spoken to the Systems Manager and she has
promised to get back to you by lunchtime. She also asked
me if you could send to her the log file.
2 Thanks for buying me the lunch yesterday. Great to see you. It
has made a nice change as I have been so busy lately. By the
way, I forgot to ask you if you could give me the your boss’s
email address. We are working on a project recently which I
think she would have be interested in. Anyway, take care and
speak to you soon.
3 Please you find enclosed three copies of the contract which
has been being redrafted by our solicitors following the
comments you sent us. You will note that the copies have been
signed on by us. One copy is for your own use, please return the
others when you have signed them. As I mentioned on the phone, we  
would have appreciate your prompt attention in this regard.