7 travel

Look carefully at the sentences below. Some of them are correct and some of them have a word which should not be there. If the sentence has a word that should not be there, click on that word. There are 6 words to find. Good luck!

1 I made a booking in the name of Jones for a double room for two nights.
2 Can you tell me what time breakfast it is served?
3 Could I to settle my bill please?
4 I've just arrived on the flight KL456 and my baggage is missing.
5 Please I need to go to the Hilton hotel.
6 Could I have an early morning call?
7 This is room 7, can I order some food please?
8 I don't quite understand why you've been charged me for these.
9 Could you bring me an extra blanket?
10 About how much will it cost to me?