Look carefully at the text below. Some of the lines are correct and some of them have a word which should not be there. If the line has a word that should not be there, click on that word. There are 8 words to find. Good luck!

Find the area of the store you are interested in. As you find the
items you want to buy, must click on the shopping cart. When
you will have finished, your shopping cart will be displayed.
Check that the contents of your cart are correct and if it
necessary make any changes. You can then continue
shopping or can select to the checkout. When you go to the
checkout, your purchases are totalled, then the tax and
shipping costs are added on. You fill it out an online order form
with the shipping information. You have to type in the your
credit card number and details. Your credit card information is
encrypted and is been sent over the Internet to the credit card
company for verification. A Secure Electronic Transaction digital
certificate contains many information that can be used to
authenticate you as a valid card holder.