Read the sentences below and look carefully at each line. Some of the sentences are correct and some of them have a word which should not be there. If the sentence has a word that should not be there, click on that word. There are 8 words to find. Good luck!

1 Let us to know if you have any problems and we'll see what we can do.
2 I have forwarded your request to our sales office.
3 I have given to them six weeks to complete the design.
4 Could you possibly let me know before tomorrow morning?
5 Here are the answers to some your queries.
6 We cannot process your order until you don't settle the balance on your account.
7 I will telephone to you to arrange a new meeting.
8 Sorry, but I have to cancel our meeting fixed for the next Friday.
9 We are now been obliged to take legal action to recover our debt.
10 As always you feel free to change it.