5B unreal uses of past tenses

Complete the dialogue with ONE word in each gap.


  • Roger: Hi, Jane. Are you busy? Would you rather I phoned a bit later?
  • Jane: No, it’s alright. I’m always busy. I wish I hadn’t taken on this job!
  • Roger: Well, you wanted more money. I wish you had listened to what I was saying at the time.
  • Jane: And I wish I could go back in time and think it over more but I can’t.
  • Roger: I’d rather you were happy than in this kind of mood.
  • Jane: Me too, but it’s high time I did something about it instead of just moaning all the time.
  • Roger: If only you really meant that. I’m sure you don’t.
  • Jane: I wish you would stop criticising me!
  • Roger: I’m saying you’re right. It really is time to look for a new job and it won’t take long to find one. Lots of people must wish they had the job experience you’ve got.