7A permission, obligation, and necessity


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The holiday was a disaster. It to be a second honeymoon but it all went so badly wrong. We have gone by plane but my wife is scared of flying and I decided we go by coach. It was a long and uncomfortable journey; we twice because of some problem with the coach. When we arrived, the hotel was full up. When I'd phoned the hotel from home, they had told me we because it was out of season. They were wrong. We get in that hotel so we tried another one. This wasn’t full, in fact it was almost empty and we soon learnt why. There were lots of strange rules, like we weren’t to come back after 8 p.m., the front door was always locked, and a big notice outside the swimming pool said ‘It is not to swim in the pool’! I spoke to the manager about this and do you know what she said? "You stay here if you don’t like it." We change our coach tickets so we had to stay there for a whole miserable week.