1. Click on the sentences in this dialogue in the correct order.

  1. Robert: I saw on the internet that more fighting has broken out.
  2. Ben: Yes, I saw that too. But apparently the rebel leader has already been captured.
  3. Robert: Will he be executed?
  4. Ben: No, they’ll just keep him in prison. Anyway, government troops have gained control of the capital.
  5. Robert: Have they? Do you know how many civilians have been wounded?
  6. Ben: No I don’t, but I hope there are fewer casualties than in January.
  7. Robert: Yes, that was a terrible time but in the end the rebels were defeated.
  8. Ben: Yes, they were. Actually, I think they surrendered. Which group has declared war on the government now?
  9. Robert: Well, they’re called the People’s Front and their commander used to be an ally of the President.
  10. Ben: Oh that’s interesting. I wonder why he wants to overthrow his old friend...


2. Match the words with the definitions.
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machine gun
A curved weapon with a string which is used for shooting arrows.
A small object which is fired out of a gun.
A large weapon used for firing heavy balls of metal at the enemy over long distances.
A type of hat which protects the head of a soldier.
A weapon which can fire many bullets very fast one after another.
A weapon which is launched into the air and can travel long distances.
A flat piece of metal which soldiers used to carry to protect their body when fighting.
A long stick with a pointed metal end which is used as a weapon.
A weapon with long sharp metal blade and a handle.