Verbs and expressions

Match the two halves of the sentences.
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Since I changed to a part-time contract I have
Keep searching for that car key. There isn’t
I’m glad he bought a new pair of jeans. It’s about
Counting up all the pennies in the money box was very
I think Bill is happy in his small flat for
Natalia said she’d love a coffee and a chat but she’s
Their date didn’t go well because she spent
He hadn’t finished yet when the examiner announced that
It’s only a matter of
We’ll be driving to the airport this
more time on my hands.
much time left before your parents get home!
time he threw those old ones away.
the time-being.
short of time today.
the whole time talking about her ex-boyfriend.
time was up.
time before Adam finds out the truth.
time next week.