Negative prefixes

Complete the sentences with the correct negative prefix.


  1. Many of the items lost in the fire, such as photographs, were irreplaceable.
  2. Gareth lost his job because he was incapable of doing anything right without supervision.
  3. It was extremely dishonest of you to blame your brother for what you did.
  4. We will be trekking in very inhospitable terrain and you need to be prepared for harsh weather.
  5. The traffic problems in my city make it impractical to drive to work.
  6. About 10% of the population are illiterate.
  7. I think his behaviour was very unethical even if it wasn’t actually illegal.
  8. Initial results were negative so the company has decided to discontinue the research.
  9. Does your language have as many irregular verbs as English?
  10. My 2-year-old nephew always wants to dress himself but he can’t do up or undo buttons yet.
  11. Since the accident, Marie has been immobile from the waist down.
  12. All the passengers were asked to disembark because the ship had developed engine problems.