1 Sounds and the human voice


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Choose the correct answer.

  1. They to each other because they didn’t want anyone else to hear.
  2. As Anna’s father read her terrible school report, he with disappointment.
  3. Several of the girls at Paul’s silly joke.
  4. Because he was so nervous, Jacob all the way through his presentation.
  5. It was a great film but we all at the tragic ending.
  6. Rebecca was terrified of the dark and when she heard the door creak open, she so loud even the neighbours heard it.
  7. From the way he at her, we could tell that she’d done something pretty bad.
  8. The goalkeeper in pain when he tried to stand up on his broken ankle.

2 Sounds and the human voice

Match the sounds with the things that make them.
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a frog jumping into a pond.
air coming out of a tyre.
a melting icicle.
a mouse button.
distant traffic.
a football flying through a glass window.
a car door.
someone trying to drink some hot tea.
a heavy old door opening.
a starting pistol gong off at the start of a race.