B: Work


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1 Choose the correct answer.

  1. My job is so that I can almost do it in my sleep!
  2. William is on leave because his mum has just passed away.
  3. She was late every day for 3 weeks so she was .
  4. Our company has cut all our this year so I no longer have a company car.
  5. There are a lot of women in the but hardly any female directors.
  6. I need two days a week to run my own business from home so I’m looking for a job for the rest of the week.
  7. What kind of job do you think is , without being either boring or high-pressure?
  8. They decided to Sue because she made such a good impression at her interview.

2 Complete the text with ONE word in each gap.


Since graduating from university in September, my cousin, Fabian, has been job-hunting and has applied for several positions. As well as having excellent academic qualifications, he has great skills such as speaking two languages, and he’s really good at solving IT problems. The only drawback for Fabian is that he hasn’t got any work experience because he has only just finished his studies. Unfortunately, his father was made redundant last month so both father and son are currently out of work. I’m lucky to have a permanent contract so my job is fairly secure but I’m also off work at the moment. It’s for a good reason though – I’ve been on paternity leave since the birth of my son last week!