Visit these websites to practise your reading and learn more about some of the topics in English File third edition Advanced.

File 1

1A - Look at the self-portraits of famous artists created over the years. Which painting do you think tells the most interesting story?

1B - Read a list of the five most extreme jobs. Do you agree with this list? What would be the most terrifying job for you to do?

File 2

2A - Take a look at the weird and wonderful word list by Oxford Dictionaries. Find five words you might be able to use in everyday conversation, and five words you’d almost definitely never say. Have a go at pronouncing some of them – if you’re brave enough!

2B - Search Google Books to find the autobiography of a famous person you like. Read the first few pages by clicking ‘Preview’ next to the book you have chosen. Have you uncovered any secrets about the person you didn’t know before?


File 3

3A - Read a review of the book How to get your own way. Which of the chapters would be most useful for you?

3B - Take a look at the Telegraph’s list of the best war films. Which have you seen? Do you agree with their choices?


File 4

4A - This website has compiled a list of the best places and ways to meet new people. Can you remember where you met the last friends you made? Are those places on the list?

4B - Read one or two of the recent book reviews via the weblink. Does the review make you want to read the book? Why / why not?

File 5

5A - Read about famous songs that are all written about time. Pay close attention to the lyrics the website chose to extract. In what ways are these musicians interpreting the meaning of time?

5B - Can money buy happiness? Read the weblink to find out. Do you find the results of the research surprising?

File 6

6A - Browse and watch more fascinating TED talks.

6B - Do you feel like you just have too much stuff? Or could you easily go out and buy more? Read the article to find out why we’re so obsessed with having lots of stuff in our lives, and what we can do about it.

File 7

7A - Test your brainpower with this tough general knowledge quiz.

7B - Is art a waste of time? Read the debate on the weblink. Would you vote yes or no?


File 8

8A - Read the latest health articles. Which stories do you find the most surprising?

8B - Dublin, Paris or Rome? Head to the weblink, type in a city and browse the amazing places you could stay and the things you could do. Imagine you’re going on holiday next week. Where would you choose to go?


File 9

9A - Read the information. Did you know these animals were in danger of becoming extinct?
Watch videos of ordinary pets performing extraordinary tricks. Which trick do you think is the most impressive?

9B - Heston Blumenthal is famous in the UK for his strange food combinations. You can read about / watch him put together some of his most famous concoctions here. Would you be brave enough to taste them?


File 10

10A - Test your knowledge of the UK with this mock Life in the UK test!

10B - Read about the latest fitness trackers that monitor your every move and tell you what you need to do to keep fit. Do you think they are a good motivator to exercise more, or just another health fad?