Food and cooking

Write the missing word/s.

  1. Cooked in very hot water. boiled
  2. Cooked in the oven, e.g. cakes or bread. baked
  3. Meat is cooked like this in the oven. roast
  4. For example, chicken, sausages, duck. meat
  5. Eggs can be boiled or fried.
  6. Peppers are usually red or green, but can be yellow or orange.
  7. Grapes, cherries and raspberries are types of fruit.
  8. Prawns and mussels are types of seafood.
  9. The healthiest way to cook meat is to grill it.
  10. Eating in restaurants is also known as eating out.
  11. A healthy way to cook vegetables is to steam them.
  12. Peppers, cabbage and courgettes are vegetables.