Write the missing word.

  1. This is part of a train for carrying people. carriage
  2. The place where you stand to wait for a train. platform
  3. You wait for a taxi at the taxi rank.
  4. In a car you must wear a seat belt.
  5. You can’t drive in a pedestrian area.
  6. A road where traffic can travel fast is a motorway.
  7. Similar to a bus but it goes between cities. coach
  8. A lorry is used for transporting goods.
  9. Traffic lights are used to control and direct road users.
  10. Pedestrian crossings create safe places to cross the road.
  11. Speed limits can be different depending on the type of road.
  12. Cities usually have a lot of traffic jams.
  13. A vehicle that is similar to a motorbike. Scooter